Unterminated String Constant Error In Asp Net

ASP Classic Lessons #8 - Error 800a0409 Unterminated string constant

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(See the example below) The error I get is: Error: Unterminated string constant This worked last week. Do I need to encode. but "newline in string\n" will rendered as "newline in stringn" which all you need to add line break in the text area. Vladimir Shcheglov. Sr. Developer. Ext.NETASP.NET Component.

javascript error unterminated string literal 错误的解决办法- CSDN博客 – 2010年7月12日. 从数据库里面读出来的数据经常显示不出来,在firebug下看看,报unterminated string literal 错误。 查了一下,原来是数据里面. 注意:replace(//r/n/ig, "")这样的 写法在firefox和chrome下不好使,只适用于ie. 我只用了js的,服务端的没用。 在服务 端改:. asp: str=replace(str,vbcrlf,"",1,-1,1). php: $str = str_replace("/n".

Hello, I have a character return and a newline return in the text string and pass it to the Javascript for the alert message, it fails because of 'Unterminated string.

unterminated string constant. ASP.NET Forums on Bytes.

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Got this error while call the function static public void DisplayAJAXMessage(Control page, string msg) { string myScript = String.Format("alert('{0}');", msg.

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asp.net – How do I fix an unterminated string constant. – This is the error I get : It only happens when I hit save to try to save a contact. Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.

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Sep 14, 2012. "RequestUrl=*/ordercomplete.aspx*", LAST);. I always get the error: Cannot start replay due to compilation errors. Action.c:226:56: unterminated string or character constant. Action.c:214: possible real start of unterminated constant. I've tried with and without escape characters. I'm at a loss. Can somebody.

ASP.NET questions; VB.NET questions; SQL. Unterminated String Constant Error in the following javascript function. but the error means that a string constant is.

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I am using Java script in MVC I have no idea why this error is coming. I read many queries on internet but I didn't find the exact reason.

Got this error while call the function static public void DisplayAJAXMessage(Control page, string msg) { string myScript = String.Format("alert(‘{0}’);", msg.

I’m not entirely sure how to incorporate this class into my ASP.NET app to turn a datatable into a JSON string (as well as the other way around).

you have to use double quotes to display special char like n t etc. in js alert box for exemple in php script: $string = ‘Hello everybody n this is an alert box.

Jul 24, 2006. So, now that we know that new lines are represented by the single "n" character, how can we go about stripping them out of the string? The same way. When I try to do a replace for the line feed, I get the error "Unterminated string constant". The string. I am using javascript in my aspx page. Now I am.

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