SMTP/ IMAP Server settings for gmail to configure, sync emails on android mobile

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Mar 18, 2012. is describing the error as best it knows how; at the time the exception occurs, the exception class is called "imaplib.error", because whoever is raising it has described it that way (more on this later). The fact that the "error" class definition was inside the "IMAP4" class lib definition is irrelevant to Python.

Have you tried changing the "Message MIME format:" option on the IMAP4 protocol on the CAS server? I looks like it can't read the MIME format correctly if it thinks.

20.10. imaplib — IMAP4 protocol client — Python 2.7.14. – This is a sub-class of IMAP4.error. Some other client now has write permission, and the mailbox will need to be re-opened to re-obtain write permission. There's also a subclass for secure connections: class imaplib. IMAP4_SSL ([host[, port[, keyfile[, certfile]]]])¶. This is a subclass derived from IMAP4 that connects over an.

View or Configure IMAP4 Properties: Exchange 2010 Help – You can view or configure the settings that apply to your IMAP4 users. You can specify the message you want IMAP4 users to see when they sign in, set.

Module imaplib :: Class IMAP4 :: Class error. [hide private]. [frames] | no frames]. type error. object –+ | exceptions.BaseException –+ | exceptions.Exception –+ | IMAP4.error. Known Subclasses: abort. Instance Methods, [hide private]. Inherited from exceptions.Exception : __init__ , __new__. Inherited from exceptions.

When you use POP3 and IMAP4 clients, you can set authentication options, such as the ability to use TLS encryption, and configure ports for communication.

IMAP4 server errors cause this exception to be raised. This is a sub-class of IMAP4.error. Note that closing the instance and instantiating a new one will usually.

Fixes an issue that an Error code “800cccd1” may occur when you use an IMAP4 client or a POP3 client to log on to a delegate mailbox of Exchange Server 2007. Provides a RU4 for Exchange 2007 SP1 hotfix package to resolve this issue.

Feb 24, 2010. Sometimes Thunderbird will suddenly display a Mail server xyz is not an IMAP4 Server error message, despite the fact the IMAP server supports IMAP v4.1, and had been working okay. It appears to be a generic error message for IMAP accounts, thats sometimes displayed when Thunderbird can't map the.

IMAP4_SSL else: self.imap = imaplib.IMAP4 self.password = getpass.getpass(" Enter password for %s:" % imap = self.imap(self.server) try: imap.login (, self.password) self.state = except imaplib.IMAP4.error: raise Exception("Incorrect username/password for %s" % imap.logout ().

For the last two days I am getting an error on my talktalk email accounts in Thunderbird (tiscali emails working fine) – the account responded ;

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Sometimes Thunderbird will suddenly display a Mail server xyz is not an IMAP4 Server error message, despite the fact the IMAP server supports IMAP v4.1,

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