Grep Too Many Arguments Error

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Jun 2, 2012. The reason for the 'too many arguments' seems to be that the PATH variable is. means you shouldn't see that little csh syntax error related to "channel 1". if ( ` echo $PATH | grep -c "/usr/sbin"` == 0 ) then Word too long. [.

May 09, 2002  · . Argument list too long The "Argument list too long" error, "Argument list too long": Beyond Arguments and. ls and then use grep to cut it.

. too many arguments while true do MOUSE1=`cat /proc/interrupts | grep 12:. The error message now says that you fed "test" too many arguments.

bash: [: too many arguments?. The main error in your script is that the. [grep foo myfile. I suggest you go through GrayCat Bash Guide to understand bash.

Feb 17, 2009. You will learn about controlling and using command line arguments for. It is often used with find, grep and other commands. However, cp command may fail if an error occurs such as if the number of files is too large for the.

Bash too many arguments error Shell Programming and Scripting. Page 1. grep -o '*.jpg'` COMICJKURL=`curl –silent http.

This would still return "Argument list too long". How can I grep while avoiding ‘Too many arguments’ 3. Error: “grep: Argument list too long.

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Jul 30, 2007. Re: configure warning – test: too many arguments. The test actually defaults on this error to the correct setting, i.e. the new version string. 2>/dev/null | sed 1q` if echo "$as_ver" | grep GNU > /dev/null; then changequote(,)dnl.

I have the following script and I'm getting: too many arguments error #!/bin/bash # creating new dir and copy files into it create_dir() { if ; then.

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bash – "Too many arguments" error in shell script – Stack. – "Too many arguments" error in shell script. line 41: [: too many arguments. bash shell. share | improve this question. and the output of grep is wasteful.

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Your error message argument list too long. because you’re not passing any arguments to ls. Note that grep takes a. Why am I getting “too many arguments.

Why am I getting "too many arguments. [ `echo "*file 2" | grep -o ^.` = '.' ]. Test a simple script but I keep getting an error for too many arguments on line.

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linux – How can I grep while avoiding 'Too many arguments. – It would give me an error about too many. How can I grep while avoiding 'Too many arguments'. This just shifts the too-long argument list from the grep to the.

I get the error: grep: line too long. line too long error when trying to grep log files. Grep return “Too many argument specified on command” Any work.

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